Parent volunteering

Our institutional management model incorporates parents who volunteer as human capital to help develop and improve our school. Their wide ranges of expertises strengthen new areas of action.

Different sub-commissions regularly meet and work hand in hand with our pedagogical and institutional Project:



  • Technology
  • Safety/security
  • Infrastructure and building/construction
  • Communication and educational marketing
  • Event planning
  • Tzedaká
  • Legal affairs

New sub-commission may be created in the light of a specific project.


I’m still eager to help

After some years of volunteering at school, I’m still highly motivated to carry out new challenges posed in front of us every day.

Having the privilege of participating of this activity, together with other parents, is to understand that from exchanging views and knowledge, you always arrive at a good result.

We can all be part of this growth, this transformation, this challenge that is to venture forth into giving, getting involved, sharing, contributing; since it is not exclusive for some. Good ideas, proposals initiatives and creativity are always welcomed.

I’m convinced that effort and commitment bring us together; knowledge and individual experiences promote changes and bonds that strengthen and enable new fields of action.


Lic. Pamela Malewicz

Volunteer mother

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